"And one day, your name didn’t make me smile anymore."

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"She tastes like every dark thought I’ve ever had."

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I was out with my boyfriend at a bar & saw my ex randomly in the back of the bar.. After a few drinks when I saw him looking over at us while we were standing by the dart board, I reached down my bfs pants and grabbed his cock while kissing him.. making sure he knows what he lost


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i got my ass ate in the men's room @ olive garden thnx for this opportunity
What does the glass feel like? I've never tried a toy before but they're so pretty if I were to get one I would want a glass one! I just want to know like pros vs cons


Pros: they feel a million times better than most boys’ lame dick game so you don’t even need a boyfriend

Cons: they don’t take you out to dinner


girl: deeper!!!!



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